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"When I left Portland, Oregon 20 years ago and relocated to Southeast Asia to pursue my career as a sourcing agent I never imagined that I would encounter so many high-rated Non Chinese production facilities available and willing to partner with U.S. companies."

"If you're a U.S. based distributor interested in partnering with a factory in Southeast Asia, we have hundreds of vetted factories ready to handle your pivot away from China." - Founder Erik Brigham

"I met my wife shortly after my arrival in Thailand. We shared similar interests in the world of sourcing for Western companies."

"Our first year in sourcing led us to working with a home goods distributor for big box stores like Ross, Home Depot, Target, Walmart and other major retailers."

"Having those connections made us very popular and we shipped over 500 containers our first year. I'm extremely thankful to have my wife as my partner as well as my mentor Miss Wendi."

"Earning the title 'Power Couple' was not easy yet, Ann and I were young and ambitious, so we decided to diversify our efforts and search for more factories in a wide range of categories."

"Flying around Asia paid off royally and we now represent a network of several hundred factories in a plethora of categories across India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia."

"After a decade of staying busy with travel and building our empire we looked into each other's eyes and asked the question: What do we do next? And like every other couple that is in business together has done we bought a house and started a family."

We left our tiny condo in the heart of downtown Bangkok and moved to the suburbs. This was a strategic vantage point where we were still in close proximity to the city for business meetings, while being close to the airport to maneuver around Southeast Asia in order to check on our customer's production."

"Needless to say with babies being born I would lose my very important business partner to the duties of mommyhood. We agreed that it would be a good idea to find some team members to replace the workload that Ann flawlessly handled.

"Ann would go after motherhood with the same tenacity and perfection she did in sourcing so there would be no negotiating with a work life balance. She was full-time mom."

"As the old adage goes - Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. We have managed to develop a Southeast Asia, Western Asia and U.S. team with the necessary resources to fill your orders across a myriad of industries. Our team of sourcing agents consists of auditors, engineers, and designers looking forward to meeting you and helping you manufacture your products OEM."

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